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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

trip to decorah and some other riding

Giugi at Dunning's Spring

A great trail for Family riding.

My greatest supporter

Straight Shot style riding

My great friend Ben Shockey

Big Mama Express

Giugi and I climbing very steep hills

a moment of gentleness.

Last nights ride. Glad you all missed it!

My new secret weapon.

Secret eatery of the Slender Fungus

Stretching the the legs on the Cannondale CAAD 9

My dream Car. Alfa Romeo GT Junior from the 70's

As usual we went up to our favorite place Decorah, Iowa. The 5 hour drive went by like a breeze. We had mounted the Salsa Big Mama on the rack and stuffed the wife's Interloc and the trailabike in the trunk. Our suitcases were in the back seat along with the little one. We stayed there for a few days and just enjoyed riding the trails, walking, and hitting up the local bar. Was really stoked to meet up with Ben Shockey and do a nice gravel grinder up to Bluffton. The local hills quickly reminded me of the route we had done on T.IV4. That's were Ben lives and those are the roads he rides. Great way to get ready for the Trans Iowa. On the other hand summer time is the time were I get fat and out of shape. My season basically starts August 1st. At that point I am starting to work on base miles, lose some weight and start to get in some lengthy miles. I am known for riding loose shoulders on roads for miles on end. That is why sometimes I am referred to as straight shot. In the five days I was in decorah I clocked in 200 miles on the 4" suspension Salsa. I felt good and by the fifth straight day of riding I was noticing a change. It also helped that I did not have to stand on my feet for 9 hours a day.
I was also able to get in a 50 mile ride on the Cannondale in sub 3 hours, and last night we had an awesome, awesome ride with Gumby out on the trail. I am glad nobody else showed up.
So, the girls are back in school, Gumby's kids are in school and we are starting to fall into our Autumn routine. Bikes are ready, lights are good, we will work on Gumby's winter bike situation and I am stoked for some cold weather.
As far as the Salsa Big Mama, it is really fun to ride. Even if hard core trails don't exist it is useful to have the full suspension. It is plush and it keeps the arms and back fresh.

Looking foward to Fall and a lot of riding.



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