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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Still there and still riding.

Clay Hill rd. Start of Trans Iowa V4. this one is for you Giggles.

Giugi and I on the Trout Run Trail, Decorah, Iowa

Dunning Spring, Decorah, Iowa

cold water stream, fennimore, Wisconsin

The incredible Pantani-mobile, loaded and fueled by Marco Spirit.

Been really busy with the shop and with all the repairs that we are getting in. We are having a great season at the shop and I feel like our help has really blossomed. The Boss and I are very happy with that. Our young man Erico has also been a revelation on the bike. He finally put his pennies together and built up a really nice British Racing Green Surly Pacer. He accented the bike with leather bar wrap, a Brooks swift saddle and new time pedals. On his first Sunday he rode 100 miles and this past Sunday he completed the overly hot NCC-Hac gravel metric. Thanks to the versatility of his bike he was able to conquer Scwalbe 700x35c cyclocross tires and do the ride.
The wife, my daughter and I have also done some short trips around this area. So far this spring time we have visited:
Le Aqua Na state park in Lena, IL.
Galena, IL.
Bellevue, Iowa
Fennimore, Wisconsin
Decorah, Iowa.

Decorah, Iowa is our favorite place to visit. We only had Sunday and Monday memorial day to go. So we packed up the Pantani mobile with Daypacks, A Surly PUgsley, The Interloc crossbike and my daughters halfwheeler. We made the trek up to Decorah passing through Fennimore, Wisconsin to visit my friend Trapper Tom whom was camping on some remote area by a Cold WAter stream. We had difficulty finding him since he gave us crap directions. We ended up driving in somebodys property amongst some Cows on some really rough rock strewn road. The cows looked in disbelief as the saw the loaded Pantanimobile negotiate the terrain like a full blown jeep.
We finally found the right place and had lunch and cooled off at the stream. I love Chacos. We continued on to Decorah where we found our routine. Parked at the Super 8, got greeted by the awesome family that takes care of the place, Got our usual second floor room, took the bikes in the room and chilled out with some cold bevs and a bit of T.V., which is a novelty for us since we dont have one at home.
We had dinner at Tbocks, went for a ride, and just enjoyed the area that we love so much. Around 7 pm my wife started to put the little one to bed and I went out for some singletrack with the pugsley. All I can say is that the Pugsley is unstoppable. I rides through anything and has incredible traction because of the tires. Bought some irish whiskey and Ginger Ale (Slender Fungus official drink) and called it a night. On memorial day we had breakfast at the local diner, saw the parade and rode bikes some more. Took the awesome trail to the trout hatchery, saw a bald eagle, and discovered more awesomeness of Decorah. Went back to Hotel, went for a drive, found Laura Ingalls museum, went to Bluffton, Went to Mabes for dinner and then around 7 headed home with a 4.5 hour drive down route 52 with beautiful views and not a single effing car in sight. Had the whole road to ourselves, daughter slept the whole time, had great conversation with the wife and arrived home.
Besides that I have been cutting trail on the Powerlines, getting poison ivy, Hellmut has it bad, been enjoying the shit out of the pugsley. My asthma is still iffy. My insurance does not cover my flo-vent and Walgreens wants to charge me 110 dollars for an inhaler. I need to visit Canada soon.
The route for the Flandria 100 is starting to bubble and I will be posting more and more about it as it develops. I will give plenty of warning but I really want this to be low key and fun.
best to all.
Check the flickeruski for the Decorah photos.



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Dr. Giggles said...

Thanks for the post and update. Loved the pic of Mr. Turkey Hill...brought up, er, I mean, brought back great memories of the first time in Decorah and TI4. I just luuuuuv coffee in the morning... ;-)

Ride hard and take your Vitamin G like a man.