Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day off riding.

Heading north on Rte 23

Neat old Barn near Genoa, IL.

Some hills in the distance, near Marengo
I have finally come off my insomnia riding at night and things are looking better. I took rte 23 and tried to make it to Marengo. According to my ILLInois Gazeeter around the Marengo are there are supposed to be some hills. It was a flat ride out there and the wind was blowing fierce off the northeast. I made it to I-90 before I had to turn around. I had to meet my father in law at the Country Store for Butterfly Pork Chop sandwiches at 1 pm. He had been gardening all day and was in need of a hardy lunch.
There is still a lot to investigate in the area that I live. Next week will mark our 1 year anniversary of moving out here and we are really liking it. In all this time the riding has been great and the drivers are patient and friendly. Out in the country they even wave at you and stop and see whether you need help if they see you walking your bike. I really doubt if I really want to move back to a more populated area again. The Ira Ryan is in the works and should be ready soon. It has been a long term project and I hope to put this bike building thing behind me for a while. I still have not yanked the road bike out yet. I hope to do this soon before I spend all summer on the cross bike. I see that gas keeps crawling further up again and again. We are selling more and more commuter bikes and selling lots of baskets, racks and fenders at the shop. Big Suv owners are still hitting the gas pedal hard and perhaps the price of gas has not affected them yet. We are in a crisis and it is time to get serious about driving. Commute as much as possible with the bike.

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