Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just so you know, just in case

This photo took almost 20 years to get to this blog. What you see is 4 of the top mechanics in the whole of fuckin' Chicagoland area. We know each other very well, we seldom ride together and at some point or another we have worked together. I am not allowed to to give out names. One of us is a master wheel builder and will build a set of race wheels with hubs, spoke and rims that will outlast any 6,000 dollar wheel. He has attention to detail that will make you sick. His bike never seems dirty and once in a while some odd thing will appear on it. Respect.
The second guy I am talking about is completely crazy. He will fix Anything. He uses elaborate solutions with epoxy, broomsticks and who knows what else. His bike does not have one company on two parts. He will run you into the ground and then complain that he is old and does not ride as fast as the old days. He never tires and his eyes are full of excitement, full of life. Talk bikes with him and it is like smoking crack. Passion, Passion, respect.
My third suspect is keen with what is going on in Europe. He smells and analizes photos and video clips. Trends are deciphered late at night over copious amounts of wine, gin and beer. Coffee just makes the hands to shakey and sweaty. He will work on any bike and lay on the ground to get the job done. This fucker is a keeper. Know him forever and at this point I really think we are related. I am not shiting you. Loves Campy, loves to ride, loves the shop life.
Fourth suspect is the crazy commuter. Will move to a neighboring state just to get a good commute in. Supposedly the only civilized way to stay away from the coffin and stay in shape. Will work on any difficult project. Specializes in seized parts, repairs that involve possible complete damage to bike. His has no fear. Has built over 1,300 wheels, loves to sell custom bikes that are ridden hard. Has a fetish for coffee, alcohol, shop life and loves to eat good lunches. Steel is his material of choice but will try anything else.
So if all stars align right and you see these four guys walking down the street, make a wish.


strangelife said...

Twenny years? It's about goddamn time.

Ari said...

yes, we have never gotten our picture together.