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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, January 8, 2007

january 8th, 2007

Hi to all and hope 07 is treating you well so far. My mac keyboard took a full bath of apple juice courtesy of my 3 year old. Once the sugar started to stiffen up the thing went haywire. I washed the damn thing and after a couple of days of drying it seems to be working fine. Damn those cheap reliable mac products. Been doing a lot of riding and two of them we got pretty soaked with the wife.
Blue I did receive the ergon grips and i am really happy with them. I have been moving them around a bit and my hands love them. I will probably never go back to normal round grips again.
I rode the ruffian quite a bit lately and have been trying to log some miles on it. Still working on the position and all. Last night rode to pick up the wife from the 'bucks and we had a pleasant night ride until it started to snow, then rain, then thunder and lightning and then strong 40mph windgusts. OH.......typical illinois weather. We were both glad to be home and for sure we were the only two nutjobs out on bikes.
I have also been experimenting with hamner nutrition Recoverite and the stuff keeps me from bonking after my rides. Two scoops in 160z of water, shake, shake, dont bake just drink.
My streetdog has gone back to dropbar duty and now the ruffian is the snow patrol bike with the moosemitts.
Have been pondering about a rivendell quickbeam for front and back racks, fixed gear, wide tires, high handlebar position, 1"threaded headsets, quill stems.
Any comment on this bike is truly welcome.
Blue congrats on the baptism of your little granddaughter Rhea.
keep on truckin'

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bluecolnago said...

i know you'll love the ergons! they are a great product.

thanks for the congrats! she is such a good little girl! a singlespeeder for sure!

that weather sounds familiar.

peace out, yo!